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The Ministries Within New Life Harvest Ministry

New Life Harvest Ministries is located in a Public Housing Community where they minister to the needs of the people of this unique community. The folks there find this community shrouded in darkness fueled by fatherlessness, poverty, hunger, illiteracy, child neglect & abuse, spouse abuse, adultery, high crime & geographical isolation. These factors foster the symptoms they see as hopelessness, depression, durg abuse, alcoholism, unemployment, & hate.

How this web site got started.

I have been friends with the ministers at New Life since 1995. They have asked me for years to write stories & get the word out about them.

I waited for years for I knew they had their own plans with web sites. Most folks don't know what it is like to minster to a community that has about 2000 people in it that need Christ & the Hope He brings through ministry in that location.

Months ago Willie & Evelyn said to do this so here is their site...from me with Love to them for all the work they do for Christ.

The TLC in the this web site's name is the Ministry I have done with them for years. My ministry is named "Teresa's Laughter Co." & that is what I tried to bring to them there in their ministry, Tender Loving Care! I don't get out there as much as I would like but my heart resides right along side theirs & prays with & for them daily.

This site will take some time for the events there took a span of time over 12 years & is continuing to count on daily as long as there is a need there.

This site is dedicated to God who has used New Life Harvest Ministry to Chase out the darkness of sin & bring in a light of God's Mercy & Grace that cannot be snuffed out.