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Anna's WISH LIST for New Life Harvest Ministries

Anna is a tough hard working lady that does the fund raising for New Life Harvest many ministries. God does the providing but God uses Anna in mighty ways in keeping things comming in that the Ministry needs. If you have any questions about what is needed at the ministry or you want to help...talk to Anna! 205-951-0977 Monday - Friday.

Anna is the Fund Raiser
This list is just a start!

As soon as I get her e-mail to work I'll post it here so you can reach her.
Anna's greates wish is that the needs for the ministry that she works for would recieve all they need according to God's Riches in Glory...

We have also learned that we as Christians are His hands & feet...to do service for Him. So we ask that you please consider these requests.

#1 Kings Kids & All summer programs need their funding, *food program, transportation, permissions, favor, & labor help from Christian examples.

#2 Anna also knows that Daryl from the computer lab has recieved some equipment to make car magnets & other items to support the minstry's finnances. Daryl needs the magnets & some metal plates to do those. Daryl never gives up in faith for NEW Computers. There are greatful hearts there in the Lab but keep updating old computers can be costly & time involved. So New Computer & related equipment is needed.

#3 Evelyn will need workers to go with them on their field trip to Washington DC...& more this summer. It takes a special person to go with these teens.

#4 Pastor Willie needs a way to sell the crosses that he & others at the GATE have made for fundraising.

#5 There is a huge need for 2, 15 passanger vans but the truth is that a bus is needed. The ministry has had many offers of old ones & have used what was given them. It would be so wonderful to get something that worked all the time & did not take further finnances & efforts to fix all the time. The people are precious to this ministry that travel with New Life Harvest Ministries. We pray that God will put it upon someone's heart to provide this great need.

#6 There are pending grants for the great needs at New Life. Please pray that these would come forth in God's good timming...time is getting past the need.

#7 The Food Need is great for the Kings Kids & Teen Camps. They are requesting that a church or org. provide the food. Anna our fund raiser& Willie the director have had some help in this area but need more, quickly...camp has already started. There are not enough workers there to provide all the needed helps & cooking is very tough with all their other duties & providing the food is even harder. Helps in these areas would be very much appreciated.

#8* The Computer Empowerment Learning Lab is in MUCH need of Tee Shirts & Good ink to continue their ministry based business to provide work for their ministry & community. They would like free donations when ever possable. They are out of much need supplies & there is a huge need. Also if you know of a reasonable T-Shirt provider that is quality & has good prices please let them know.

More to come in the near future...T