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Women At The Eastern Gate

Women's Group headed by Evelyn Robinson

This page is to share recient stories about women at "The Gate"
Our Ladies group here at the Easter Gate...with New Life Harvest Ministries is doing great things.

I would like to give you an update.

Our community garden is sprouting plants, hope, & communication with our groups & our neighbors. I want to thank all those that have taken the time to participate in planting our garden in the ground & in our hearts for our area.

Our ladies group is heading this effort but many are comming forth to help.

Our womens group meets on Mondays at 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM. All of our ladies are invited & those that would like to assist in the needs & efforts we already have started here.

Instead of just having breakfast & our meeting like we normally do we went to the garden this past Monday & worked for up keep in the needs of the garden growth & developement.
Come to our Garden GATE Ministry & see what is happening & how you can be a part.

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This is our Garden's Beginning!

Women's Group's Needs:
#1 Prayer for the Ladies to contiue to take part, seek God, & want to take an active part in changing their community.

#2 Bibles for the woman. Each woman participating needs their own.

#3 We need to plan our Woman's Day, have the time, & the funds to do it with.

#4 Oportunities for education for them.

#5 Events for the ladies to have make overs to encourage them.

#6 Provide the needed items for the gardening and contiuning needs for the woman at The Eastern Gate.

Contact Evelyn: 205-951-0977 & leave a message for there or send a fax to 205-951-0966.

Thank you for your interest in our woman at the Gate, Evelyn Robinson "New Life Harvest Ministries"

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